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Osborn Tower, Hammond Indiana 1974

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New P85BR Coach from Centralia Car Shops
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New Proto 2000 SD45 - photos from Brian Rutherford
Those mysterious little drain holes on EMD locos
June 2, 1990 Tornado - Fairfield, Ohio
The N&W Superfleet on 5/6/2006

Row 1: GP9 733, SW8 2107, SW9 3374, U28B 1905
Row 2: F7A 3667, U28B 1904, U30B 8488
Row 3: F7A 3689, SD35 1521, GP30 2909, GP7 2413
Row 4: GP30 536, GP38AC 4101, GP35 1322
Row 5: SD45 1804, SD45 1769, SD40 1609

Duck Creek Road: Pre-Interstate Urban Archaeology