N&W GP38AC 4101 - A 13Dip Blower Growler

(and one of my favorite locomotives)

First I must give credit where it's due. I had help on this project, from an old friend. He's good at taking things apart, I'm good at putting them together. Here, Samurai Kitbasher has pretty much finished the prep work on the Atlas GP38 shell, and it's now ready to begin installing the many Cannon parts.
I'm not 100% satisfied. Weathering is not bad, photographs worse than it is. Normally I do a lot of washing with very thin dirt colors and then use the airbrush to blend it. It looks kinda blended, but up close with flash... you can see the brushed-on washes.
These are BannaFan grills, but Atlas fan blades underneath. The grills are definately durable, and should take all kinds of handling unlike the DA brass ones. The fans underneath actually detract from the grills appearance because they lack the complete hub like the new Cannon fans will have.
The Salem air dryer parts are another collosal pain in the ass. There is nothing to attach them to, and no particularly good guide for locating them. Underbody details are neat, but almost every single one of them identifies a glaring flaw in the underframe layout that must be corrected before you can stick the thing on. Or you can just sort of shove it in there. Making my own frames is looking better and better.
Yes there is window glass in the end windows, and no there isn't in the winterized "bay window" on the cab. I have studied a lot of photos of these things. They typically allow the crew to open the windows all the way inside, and then lean out for visibility without letting the cold air in. But the window panes on the bay windows don't slide - they apparently just lift out. So when you see summer photos of these locos, they are just like you see here... wide open.
How about that Cannon ECAFB? It's a pain in the ass to put together... but worth it. Compare to just about any other ECAFB rendering and you'll see what I mean. Oh yeah, ECAFB = Electrical Cabinet Air Filter Box. That little upright shoebox directing behind the cab.
Stewart sideframes are a drop-on replacement for the Atlas sideframes. The Atlas frames have one advantage... they seem to mount higher, or in some way make less daylight visible between the tops of the side frames and the bottom of the sill. This looks too high to me, although I'm convinced the deck height of the model is correct. I think it's all in the way the sideframes hang. Damned if you do, Damned if you dont. Yes, making my own frames - and Athearn Blombergs ruling - looks better all the time.

Inside the cab, it looks as if the giant 1.5-volt 13D black anaconda has strangled the crew and taken over.

This loco is crammed with Cannon parts if you know where to look. They are all on there, even the elec. cabinet doors. Only parts not on here are the side doors. Radiator, long hood end, blower housing, inertials, inertial hatch, ECAFB, and the whole front end. I know, to most people it looks like an off-the-shelf GP38 high nose from Atlas dunked in 13D black.
These are Cannon's GP38 radiators - a different style than either of the Atlas units comes with, and correct for a late GP38/GP38AC.
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