NW C31 Caboose 518547 - From Atlas N&W Factory Model
Well, I said the second one would be better. Took less time. Sunday evening, part of Monday evening, and Wednesday to add the rotten looking cupola roof grabs taken from the original cupola, and weather it lightly. You be the judge, although the pictures don't do the model justice at all - either overloading the blue, or overloading the weathering. Anyway, no captions needed - the modifications are pretty much identical to the first, except this one got a propane tank made from some Plastruct tubing. The first caboose will get one eventually.
An overview of Osborn-On-McSwain. The CG class caboose is an Overland.
The Kato Guestroom & Loft Loop Railway has been a lot of fun so far. It sure beats a 3 foot test track, or nothing at all. It has a freight yard, a passenger terminal, and over a scale mile of main line running.
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