My Model Storage and Transport "System" - Not Much To It!

This is the Plano #3730 plastic storage box. It measures 14" x 9-3/4" x 3-1/8" on the outside. These boxes are available intermittently from Wal-Mart, sometimes in hardware, sometimes in the tool section, sometimes in housewares, sometimes in sporting goods with the fishing supplies, and sometimes not at all. I haven't found any for a while but Plano still lists this product on their web site. I have sent an email inquiry to find a retail source that stocks it. Price at Wal-Mart was about 5 bucks if I remember rightly. The boxes also stack nicely.
Inside are four compartments. The box comes with additional dividers, which can be used for smaller pieces of rolling stock but I normally leave them out.
One standard 12x12" square of bubble wrap, and a Kato SD70MAC. This box should handle easily all but the biggest piece of HO rolling stock, including an SD90MAC, a hi cube box car, auto rack, or passenger car.
One layer of wrap is all that is needed - more will make it too thick to fit in the slot.
And... nestled in place. Each box holds four locos or large pieces of rolling stock or up to 8 smaller pieces. In this case I haven't stuffed the ends on either side of the loco. For normal handling this is adequate, but for transport you may want to add some stuffing on the ends, and a little on top to fill the air space.