Vintage HO Stuff!
I'm going to start featuring some of my vintage HO collection. I'm not really much of a collector, and the nice thing about vintage HO is that it's not very expensive. Partly because a lot of it is still being made today! But I guess it never had the collector appeal that Lionel and other stuff had. But I know I'm not alone in having many fond memories of the first trains I ever played with. Unlike many of my generation, I didn't start with 3-rail, I started right out with HO scale and never looked back.

I find the vintage HO stuff is a fun diversion from prototype modeling. There is very little material that can be used for both, so it's almost like having a separate, less serious hobby. I have had some thoughts of building a small vintage HO layout at some point. Vintage to me would be anything pre-1970, but I would probably lean more toward pre-1960. Hopefully this page will grow. I have plenty of stuff, just a matter of taking the time to shoot some photos and do a write up.

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