Globe Coach Kit - Circa 1955?
Bought for $3 at a swap meet. Note scribbled on the bottom says the previous owner purchased 6 of them for $5 at a Springfield (OH?) show in 1976. Although it probably has no common tooling, this is essentially the same coach Athearn currently makes in their RTR line. Some time in the mid 1960s, the streamline passenger cars were re-tooled with one piece bodies (roof, sides, and ends) and a gondola-like floor that fit up into the body.

The Globe coach has the original multi-piece styrene trucks you had to build yourself. These changed to one piece white metal castings, and then by 1970 or 71 had changed to acetal (delrin) plastic. Notice the end detail - certainly not up to today's standards but it's easy to see why Athearn dominated the plastic market and made plastic "legit" at a time when it was otherwise being scoffed at.

The celophane parts bag is still sealed. It contains the trucks, wheels, ends, screws, and notice the scale dummy knuckle couplers. Clearly this kit predates the horn-hook, or at least predates it being the de facto coupler. The box is in remarkable shape, obviously has not been out in the light to fade.

The instruction sheet actually has the Athearn name on it. There is a general misconception that Athearn "bought" Globe. Globe was always Athearn. Before that, Athearn was an established manufacturer of O and HO scale wood and metal kits. The Globe name was created to introduce the molded plastic line, possibly as a hedge in case the products flopped on the market it would not tarnish the Athearn name. Happily for all of us, plastic flourished and became king, and Athearn along with it. I don't know at what point in time the Globe name was dropped, but finding any original Globe products in mint condition is always a treat.

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